Dear Miranda

Dear Miranda,

So what, if you fail? I'll be there for you.
So what, if you are broken? I'll fix you.
So what, if he dumps you? He didn't deserve you anyway.
So what, if you get a bad grade? Exams don't show how intelligent you are, they show how you remember things.
So what, if you lose your job? You were way better than them.
So what, if you fall at the street?You stand up and keep walking.
So what, if your dream doesn't come true? There's still a life ahead you.
So what, if he doesn't want to be with you? People don't know how valuable you are.
So what, if you are over the average weight? You weren't born for diets, you were born to be happy.
So what, if you twisted your ankle? Soon it won't hurt.
So what, if you feel lost? I'll give you a compass.
So what, if you feel you're alone? I'll take a plane and I'll be by your side.
So what, if you feel stressed? You take a day off school or work. It'll be worth it, I promise.
So what, if you feel like you're going nowhere? Life is reserving the best for you.

So what.
I'll be here anyway.
Life goes on anyway.
If you are not okay now.
You'll be soon.


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