Bye November

Hello londoners! He estado pensando mucho en lo de Cosy Sundays y no creo que vaya a hacerlo, ya que básicamente es lo que hacemos cuando pongo una reseña y me decís la opinión.
He pensado en algo original para hacer y he decidido hacer algo para mejorar nuestro inglés (que siempre va bien). He decidido que los domingos escribiré una carta a alguien (con el seudónimo Miranda, aunque la persona no se llama así). Básicamente hablaré de cualquier cosa que se me ocurra, tanto si es sobre un libro, como mi ciudad, pasando por tiendas o mis sueños. ¿Os adentráis en esta aventura?


Dear Miranda,
I don't even know how to start that letter. I guess new beginnings scare me as much as saying goodbye to tho ones I love. Here's the thing: I'm scared of beginnings because this means someone's going away, even if it's me.
Let me explain this: I have always wanted to go away and live abroad, London if possible. In three years I'll be free and this means I'll be able to to this, to reach my dream. However, I'll have to say goodbye to my family, my friends, my city, my past, which means that after goodbye there's a new beginning: life in the city I've always wanted to live in.
You must be asking yourself why I am saying this and why I am afraid of going to the place I belong to.
The anwer is: I have no idea. It just scares me. I've already been there and I know that London holds you, but being there alone? By myself? On my own? It's frightening.

Whatever. I don't know why I'm saying this. I must be brave. That's what people do nowadays, isn't it? They close their eyes and tell themselves that if they aren't brave, nobody will be for them. And it's in that moment when they realise that sometimes they have no choice: you are either brave or lost. And to be honest, I've been lost too many times.

But why was I saying all of this? Oh yes, leaving everything and going somewhere new.
Right now I'm listening to a song which is called Don't Forget Where You Belong by One Direction and it's like it has been made for the moment. That song has something that makes me incredibly brave. Don't ask me how, but it does. Well, what I mean is that if you belong somewhere which is not where you were born, then you gotta go there. Dreams are made to reach, not to stay in our "New Year"'s lists.

Hope you didn't get bored by reading this, I just needed to explain everything that scares me.
But I'll be strong, I promise.

All the best,

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